Kelly Norton

Mr. Reitter,

I wanted to let you know about the positive experience I had with your company. I am extremely pleased with the work which was done at my home. I had the pleasure of working with Johnny Buzzelli. He is an exemplary employee who makes your company shine. He is professional, highly skilled and an excellent embassador of Reitter Stucco. You are very fortunate to have an employee who cares about the customers and remains loyal to your company. These are old-fashioned attributes e rarely see anymore. Please pardon me for not sending sooner.

Kim Kharazi

The purpose of this letter is to tell you how blessed I am with not only the outcome of my "column" project but the admiration I have for the guys who made it happen! 

From start to finish....the 4 men that were assigned to the job were courteous, professional and always here in a timely manner.  At the end of the day they always cleaned up any loose debris as well as folded every drop cloth they used to protect my patio area only to unfold them again the next morning.

At the beginning of the project, I handed them nothing more than a picture from a magazine and asked if they could duplicate it.  Not knowing (or using) the same materials in the picture made it difficult to "piece together". It was not only helpful for me to hear their own ideas regarding the way to achieve it but they were also attentive to mine as well.  Having done many other similar projects I usually defer to the "experts" when it comes to making the final decision.  Again, having said that, they did not disappoint. 

So, not only did they accomplish the task (in 90 degree heat I might add) but in my opinion, my stone columns look better than the picture!

I would not hesitate to call "Reitter Stucco" again for my next outdoor project...Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the skilled craftsman who made it happen!

A satisfied customer...

Kim Kharazi

Seth Stidham


Adriana and I would like to share our thanks for a job well done. Mike was professional from the start and worked to stay in our budget. Arnie and the install team took care of our home like it was their own. The quality is top notch and we wanted to share our appreciation. It's evident the Reitter name means a lot to you and to your entire team. Everyone took pride in doing things the right way. As a General Contractor buliding my own home I could not be more pleased. 

Thanks again Bobby.

Derek & Janene Klutch 


I wanted to write a quick note and tell you how pleased we are with the work your company did repairing the stucco on our home. Al Harris and David Martinez showed up on time when scheduled and did a professional job. The property was left clean when they finished each day and they answered the questions we had about the process. When the original color was not a good match with our existing stucco, they worked with us to find a different color. The areas they repaired blend seamlessly with the other stucco and we can’t tell there were ever any problems. We’ve had a lot of work done with different contractors and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate a company that shows up when they say they will and finishes a job on time and within the estimated cost. I will definitely recommend Reitter Stucco to anyone that asks. Please be sure to let Al and David know that we appreciate their work.

The Village at Grovepointe Condominium Association Board

The Village at Grovepointe Condominium Association Board was looking for a way to refresh the look of our brick and stucco units.  Our Condos are nearly 20 years old and over the years the natural aging process has caused cracking around the concrete patios due to the settling of the concrete pads, stress fractures have occurred especially around the windows and doors, there are patches of various colors on a number of condos and there is discoloration around the roof areas and near the ground. We could have painted the stucco but that would not have addressed the underlying problems.  We thought that painting the stucco was the only option until we researched and found a process called ‘Fog Coating’ applied by Reitter Stucco.  Painting would have to be repeated every 5-7 years and over time you lose the stucco detail (because of the number of coats of paint) that makes stucco look unique.  With any coating (paint, sealers, etc.) you will be stuck with whatever you decide to use.  The one advantage to the Fog Coating is that it is still a cement coating so if you decide down the road that you would like to Paint/Seal you still have that option whereas with the other options, you will be locked into whatever you decide to use forever.

The Fog Coating was applied to half of our units in 2015 and the remaining units will be finished in 2016.  We are very happy with the outcome on the finished units. The color is uniform, all cracks and crumbling stucco are fixed, and a gap was created between the stucco and the concrete patios to eliminate the possibility of future cracking. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome, the application process and the workers who were on our property completing the work

Houzz Website 

Review for Reitter Stucco & Supply Co Inc

Relationship: Client
Project Date: August 2014
Jayson and his crew did an excellent job laying our stone! They continually tried new suggestions. Jayson nicknamed the type of pattern "Trainwreck" because Jayson said they never lay it that way. We wanted a "NON" pattern to make it look more realistic. We absolutely Love it! The crew did it exactly how we like it! It looks great. Everyone was very professional and always tried to make sure my husband & I were pleased with the way it was looking. They were always on time, cleaned up after they were done for the day, and never wasted any time. I would recommend them to anyone who is intending on doing a stone project.

Terry Thompson

Teresa and I would very much like to THANK you and your crew for the great work you preformed for us at our home.  We found your men to be cheerful and true professionals.  They were very concerned about doing a good job and giving us everything we expected.  As someone who is involved in the construction business, I personally appreciated how your crew cleaned up after everyday. It was comforting to know that I didn't need to be concerned about my kids hurting themselves during the makeover.  We have gotten rave reviews from neighbors and friends and hopefully that will turn into more work for The Reitter Company.  We will definitely be giving out your name to anyone who asks and hopefully next summer we can complete phase two of this work.  Thanks again, Terry S. Thompson

Megan & Rod Mitchell

We cannot say enough good things about your crew that did our stucco job!  The stucco is beautiful and exactly what we wanted.  The crew were all very hard workers and we were very impressed with them.  Thank you very much for the work you did.  From the start, your company is extremely professional and very easy to work with.  

Thank you,
Megan and Rod Mitchell

Karen Roth

Dustin, wanted to send you a note about the work Johnny did for our company. People usually make  contact when they are unhappy; that is not the case. In the world of retail/ service and skilled labor. ...I have had unpleasant experiences. Johnny is not only skilled, efficient and does exactly what he says he will. We appreciate all his hard work and talent. I felt sending a check wasn't enough. Please know, as I'm sure your company does, what a truly wonderful individual he is. Thank you, Karen Roth Lepaul Management 


Phil and Wendy Williams

To Our Wonderful Contractors:

Phil and I can't thank you all enough for all the hard work you have performed on our home the past several weeks.  We appreciate so much the talent and dedication you all have given and shown our project.  We feel confident that our home is finally built the way it should have been from the beginning.  You have all been a true blessing to us.  Thank you to all....Phil and Wendy Williams

Behal Sampson Dietz

I want to thank you for a fine job.  The crew showed great concern for the quality and look of the final product; they were diligent with safety regulations, and were very easy to work with.  I look forward to working with with you on the next project.  Thanks.

Thomas A. Flood