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Service Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you perform repairs?

Yes. We repair both residential and commercial properties.

What kind of repairs do you do?

We work with many different materials including stucco, manufactured stone veneer, thin brick and EIFS.  We do not do real stone, masonry or block work.

When should I worry about the cracks in my stucco?

 If they are hairline cracks and do not exceed 1/8" then they are normal stucco cracks.  If the cracks exceed 1/8" or you can stick a credit card inside the crack, there could be an underlying issue and further evaluation may be needed.

Do you have a fee for inspections?

Currently, we are not charging for inspections.

How far out are you scheduling?

Our inspections are 2-3 weeks out. Scheduling the repair depends on the size of the project.

How do I maintain and care for my stucco?

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